Digital Cinema Forms

Guidelines & Forms

  • Submission Guidelines
    Provides the detailed audio, video & data-file delivery requirements for your Digital Cinema Source Material.
  • DCP Order Form
    Please provide customer information, project audio/video specifications, naming convention data & rights disclaimer.
  • COD Application
    The quickest way for new customers to set-up a service account.
  • Credit Application
    This is for new customers or returning C.O.D. Customers who wish to apply for net 30-day terms. Normally requires 3-5 business days for processing.
  • Terms & Conditions
    These describe in detail the terms of the Indie DCP service agreement.
  • Credit Card Authorization
    This gives Indie DCP permission to charge a stated amount to your credit card.
  • Personnel Authorization
    Let us know which of your staff members are authorized to request products & services.