IMF – Interoperable Master Format

The goal of the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) project is to develop a voluntary specification for an interoperable set of master files and associated meta-data to enable standard interchange and automated creation of downstream distribution packages. Some of the benefits should be:

  • Single, interchangeable master file format
  • Automated packaging & delivery
  • Minimize storage
  • Simplify post production transcodes

The IMF will store one master set of file-based elements to be assembled for any downstream distribution using multiple Composition Play Lists (Recipes), similar to what is used in present day Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP). The broad concept of a high quality, uniform IMF should lower costs, improve time-to-market, and increase interoperability of existing production processes and needs. Of course, a IMF file-based workflow could be implemented and customized by any content creator, service provider, or distribution partner.


More IMF Info: