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Our clients say the nicest things about us!

East Side Sushi
East Side Sushi
You won’t find a friendlier, more proficient or efficient staff than at IndieDCP. If I had to sum up IndieDCP ina word, that word would be “Trust”. The staff at IndieDCP are incredibly fast and courteous. I’ve called on a Tuesday to get a DCP cloned and delivered to a theater by Thursday, and it all went smoothly.

We have never heard of a technical issue with any DCP that has been created by IndieDCP. They’ve worked flawlessly every time.

Anthony Lucero
Director, “East Side Sushi”

The Caravan Film
The Caravan Film
Dealing with IndieDCP is easy! They completely understand how to explain the entire process, are 100% with meeting deliverable timeframes, quality is superb and frankly are very nice to do business with. IndieDCP was chosen to do the work for us because they came highly recommended and after we first made contact with them we knew we would be completely taken care of.

The people at IndieDCP make a real difference, they treated our project as if it was their own “baby”, can’t ask for anything more.

Douglas Munro
“The Caravan Film”

Trash Fire
Trash Fire
I would have no doubt trying IndieDCP – my first experience sealed an ongoing working relationship. I chose IndieDCP because of their excellent longstanding reputation in the independent film market, in which I also work.

From initial contact to our continuing relationship it has been easy, warm and professional. They are experienced, understanding and accommodating to the fluctuating deadlines and requirements of independent filmmaking and really go the extra to make sure the client is looked after and expectations are met. They have everything I need in a one stop shop, they were the obvious choice to provide the solutions I needed under one roof.

Shane Daly
Cinematographer, “Trash Fire”

Gratuitous Violence Film
Gratuitous Violence
Anyone who is on the fence about working with IndieDCP should speak to Bryan. After doing so, I knew he and his team were the perfect choice. His knowledge and experience were vast and his professionalism impressive. IndieDCP was the right company for me because they were willing to behind over backwards to meet my tight deadline and high expectations.

Sean Solan
Writer, “Gratuitous Violence”